Various angles of the crocs lined with fluff inside
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What's Good


Even the biggest croc hater has got to admit these look cosy af

Move over Uggs, the iconic yet polarising Crocs have dropped a new fluffy-lined shoe that’ll keep your feet snug!!

The ‘Classic Lined Clog’ is the exact same design you love to hate, only with a comfy, toasty lining on the inside of the shoe.

white crocs with fluffy lining

Crocs say on their website that the fluffy lining means the shoe can be used to chillax in or can be worn out and about.

“The soft, fuzzy liner adds to the cushion and comfort, indoors or out. Great as a slipper, yet capable to run errands.”

Sounds like they would be perfect for this cold, cold winter we’re currently going through. Cosy vibes are high. 

They’ve also got a slip-on/sandal shoe if you just can’t see yourself wearing the classic one - which we get.

The ‘Classic Cozzzy Sandal’ look like the comfiest school shoes ever. It’s your standard double-strap sandal but with that luxurious-looking lining inside it.

Say what you will about Crocs - the holey design, the rubber, and the ‘sports-mode’ aren’t for everyone - but these fluffy designs look so friggin comfy. 

Reviews are mostly positive, with plenty absolutely adoring the warmth and comfort they provide. One reviewer called the cozzzy sandals their “new favourite sandals” while another said:

“So comfy just like they look. I’ve been wearing them since the day they came in the mail. I bought them for slippers but have been wearing them all over.”

There are some downsides, though. Many buyers are saying the shoes are not true to their sizing, with them being too small - with one reviewer saying the “crocs are so tight on my foot that it started to cramp”.

A few have also said that the lining also wears off after a few days. 

We'll defo be trying a pair of these bad boys one - make sure to stay out of our way when we're in 'sports-mode'.