Listeners share over-the-top presents they received after only dating for a short time

Vids 14/02/2022

Valentines Day is a great day to celebrate you and your loved one... But what happens if you've only been dating your special someone for a short time?

It can always be a bit awkward figuring out what present is appropriate in a new relationship, so Nickson, Steph and Eli asked the listener whanau what over-the-top presents you've recieved after dating for a not-so-long time.

Here's some of the responses we got...

I was in a 3 1/2 month long relationship that was dissolving fast and for valentines day... he proposed...At my work. In front of a whole restaurant. At peak after lunch time.

24 red roses and I was not feeling it. Felt so bad that he had spent all that money and I was not keen.

I had been with my ex for 2 months he brought me a brand new snowboard and snow boots and an iPhone that he topped up so I could always be in contact with him.

We were only together for a week and he brought me an engagement ring and tried to propose in front of my whole family at dinner.

6 weeks in and I shouted him a helicopter ride for his birthday.

3 week relationship..... A flipping iphone 12!

So I was only with my girlfriend for about a month when valentine's came around, she gave me a positive pregnancy test. We now have 2 kids and got married last month.

Holy hecka.

If you take anything from this, it's to not go too hard to early on with the gift-giving. Sure, some nice flowers or chocolate is lovely, but an engagement ring in front of the whole family after a week? Probably not.

Happy Valenties Day lovers!