Nickson breaks the unspoken Wordle rule and says the days' word live on air

Vids 04/02/2022

This is Yesterday's Wordle word. We've waited 24 hours to post this so that, unlike Nickson, we didn't ruin your day with this spoiler.

So Wordle-ers (is that a thing? it is now...) you can watch without the fear of ruining your streak. 

Lucky it's the long weekend because we think Steph's going to need a few days to cool down after this.

As a show, Edge Breakfast are avid players of Wordle. Every morning they get in and peacefully figure out the days word.

But yesterday, Nickson broke all the rules and said what the word was live on-air.

As you can imagine, Steph, Eli and the listeners were outraged.

Watch the full vid above.