Wordle has Twitter users going crazy, but what is it?

trending 12/01/2022

Twitter users have been getting a little *frustrated* lately as an influx of users have been sharing grey, yellow and green tiles with little explanation. So what do the grey and green tiles mean?

You can thank Wordle for the trend because the boxes started appearing due to Twitter users wanting to share their scores.

Wordle is a simple online game that has users guess what the five-letter word of the day is. The catch? You only get six tries to get it right. 

The game launched last year and has become popular over a short amount of time.

Last November the website had 90 daily users after the app was launched late last year. Since then, Wordle recorded that 2 million daily users had played this weekend! 

Within a short amount of time Wordle is starting to be on everyone's radar. The Guardian even credits a user in New Zealand for helping the game take off,

The game really took off when one user in New Zealand (where the game is especially popular) displayed her results in a sequence of emojis on Twitter, prompting Wardle to build a function that would allow users to share theirs more easily...

What makes the game so addictive is that EVERYONE is guessing the same word as you! It's fun getting the word right and seeing how many people you've beaten on Twitter. Once you've finished all your tries (but let's face it, you probably got it) you'll have to wait until tomorrow to play again.

The game is so easy to play that even the minions are joking about their results on Twitter. Want to give it a go? Click here to play Wordle.