Meg has given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Daisy

The Edge Breakfast 27/10/2021

We could not be more excited to share with you that Meg has given birth to a baby girl!

Meg & her husband Guy surprised us all this morning by calling Randell, Chris, & Steph on The Edge Breakfast to announce to news.

"I wanted to introduce everyone to my daughter, Daisy Penelope Mansell"

Daisy was born weighing 3.7kg or 8.3 lbs, on Sunday. (meaning she shares a birthday with Drake which Meg is very excited about.) 

"she's perfect, I'm so happy" she continued.

"I'm scared to tell everyone, it just made it feel even more real.

I've enjoyed these past couple days, just me and Guy, my husband. We've just soaked it all in together with her. She's been so great, and she's so cute!"

Sharing the first pictures of little Daisy this morning on Insta, Meg wrote 'The hardest words I'll ever write because I feel at such a loss trying to explain how I'm feeling.'

Seeing [Guy] as a Dad is so overwhelming. An incredible support during labour and has been smitten with his daughter ever since. I'm so lucky to have him.' 

Also Posting on Insta, Guy wrote "I can't wait to see the person you will become, the memories we will make, and the bond that we already share become bigger."

Another massive congrats to Meg and Guy, (and welcome to The Edge whānau, Daisy!)

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