Luke and Sassy Scott talk about THAT purple hair prank
So funny, and it all worked out in the end!
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Luke and Sassy Scott talk about THAT purple hair prank

So funny! And it all worked out in the end.

We were treated to very special guests last week when two of our favourite Aussie TikTokers, Luke and Sassy Scott stopped by for a yarn!

And as you would expect, they both were on brand - wildy funny, larger than life, sassy and best of all - super, super kind.

Sharyn, Steph and Nickson talked to the boys about a range of topics - their origins on TikTok, how they deal with fame, weird fan encounters and also, the aftermath of their hilarious and brutal pranks.

Sharyn brought up her favourite TikTok they did - the infamous purple hair prank, where Luke tricked Scott into thinking they were doing an influencer post and testing hair shampoo, but in reality it was a bottle of purple hair dye. Scott's reaction is the best - watch the OG video below.

Scott then shares what he had to do - or more specifically, WHO he had to meet the day following the prank with a head of freshly dyed purple hair....he hated it, but I dunno - it's passes the vibe check i reckon.

Plus - they got a free hair transplant from it! Who says pranks don't pay off?