Leaked footage shows MAFS AU's Ridge snorting mystery white powder during wild Ibiza trip

Leaked footage shows MAFS AU's Ridge snorting mystery white powder during wild Ibiza trip

We're seeing a completely different side to the groom.

Leaked footage of MAFS AU 2024’s Ridge Barredo shows the groom in a controversial act while partying in Ibiza, Spain, in 2023.

In a jaw-dropping clip obtained by So Dramatic!, Ridge is seen showing his wild side with his buddies, shouting, "Commy Games [Commonwealth Games] is back," just before indulging in a line of a mysterious white substance off a nearby table.

What's even more shocking? The table was littered with a bunch of plastic snaplock bags containing multiple unidentified substances and pills.

“YEAHHHH,” he screamed afterwards, sticking his tongue out.

MAFS Ridge Snorting Mystery White Substance
So Dramatic! have obtained leaked footage of Ridge snorting an unknown white powder back in 2023.
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The mystery deepens as it's unclear which edition of the Commonwealth Games Ridge was referring to in the video, given it's been revealed he has previously participated as a weightlifter in both the 2018 and 2022 games.

Ridge has found himself in hot water this week after allegations that he got TWO women pregnant at the same time just weeks before the experiment surfaced.

ICYMI - Leaked text messages seemingly revealed Ridge's suggestive remarks about not pulling out and fantasies of eye contact during intimacy.

Amidst these rumours, Ridge’s reputation has taken a hit.

We’ve already seen Ridge’s maturity being questioned by his ‘wife’ Jade Pywell, who has a young daughter.

And that was prior to his partying antics and the potential of him becoming a father to two kids of his own.

I’m very interested to see what Ridge has to say for himself about this one… and what Jade is thinking after this week of controversies.