MAFS AU: Ridge allegedly got TWO women pregnant and leaked texts seemingly prove he planned it
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MAFS AU: Ridge allegedly got TWO women pregnant and leaked texts seemingly prove he planned it

I cannot COPE with "don't hate me, you might be carrying my baby".

MAFS AU 2024’s Ridge Barredo has some explaining to do after he allegedly got TWO women pregnant just weeks before entering the experiment. 

The jaw-dropping saga has been spilled by So Dramatic!, which revealed Ridge was allegedly wooing two of his exes who they’ve called woman #1, woman #2 and woman #3.

Promising them a post-filming reunion in a series of leaked messages, Ridge was living dangerously close to the edge of being on par with his fellow groom and this season's walking red flag, Jack Dunkley.

We’ve reported on many a ‘secret girlfriend’ scandal throughout recent seasons of MAFS, but having THREE is just out the gate.

Woman #2, who thought Ridge was the bee's knees until a Greece-Germany trip, revealed the tea. 

“Ridge went to Germany after Greece and I went to visit my dad,” she told So Dramatic!. “I got home a week earlier and picked Ridge up from the airport, not knowing I was pregnant.”

"Little did I know that he’d taken a detour on his way home to the Gold Coast to see [Woman #3], who he also ended up getting pregnant while we were still together."

Neither Woman #2 nor Woman #3 chose to continue with their pregnancies as they did not want to be “tied to Ridge for life” after discovering his double-dipping in the baby-making department.

Text messages obtained by So Dramatic! seemingly revealed Ridge's suggestive remarks about not pulling out and fantasies of eye contact during intimacy. 

I have no words…he was TRYING to get these gals pregnant?!!!

“If by some miracle we end up clashing equipment, I might just forget to pull out of you,” he wrote to woman #2. “Would you hate me if I did that?”

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

Looks like he used the same suggestive method on woman #3 writing: “I can’t lie, I’m thinking about c**ming in you and you telling me to look you in the eye.”

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

In another string of later messages, Woman #3 simply texts “Ridge”, to which he replies: “Oh no. Hi, old flame. Am I in trouble?”

“Maybe, or maybe we both are,” she sent back before Ridge said: “What’s up? Are you pregnant again? It can’t be mine.”

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

…as if to gaslight her after LITERALLY explaining how he wanted to get the deed done.

Then again, we'd love to know where this screenshot came from because the blue bubbles suggest they're from Ridge's phone. And why would he dob himself for this sort of behaviour?

“I’m only interested in you,” he said in yet another set of messages to women #3. “Don’t hate me, you’re probably carrying my baby.”

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

Let’s not forget that Ridge’s lack of maturity has been a sore point in his on-screen relationship with ‘wife’ Jade Pywell, who has a young daughter.

Time and time again, there were questions as to whether Ridge would be able to handle the responsibilities of being a father figure to Jade’s daughter - and that was without the potential of him becoming a father to two kids of his own.

Safe to say this is extremely not ‘deeece’ behaviour if true, and we can’t wait to hear what Ridge has to say for himself… not to mention what Jade thinks??!