‘I’m begging you’: Former MAFS NZ star warns Kiwis against signing up for the 2024 season

‘I’m begging you’: Former MAFS NZ star warns Kiwis against signing up for the 2024 season

"It’s extremely unhealthy."

Another season of ‘Married At First Sight’ NZ is set to hit our screens this year, but it’s left a former groom concerned about its return. 

Season three contestant Jonathan Trenberth shared a heated plea on Insta that urged potential contestants to think twice before participating in the upcoming season.

He wrote: “The last season of ‘MAFS’ NZ was in 2019, they cancelled it because of the outrageous events that took place behind the scenes and now it looks like it’s back. Yikes 😧 Probably to abuse some more vulnerable attention seekers (like me) for ‘entertainment’.”

Alongside his message, Jonathan backed his worry with his own experience on the reality show.

"Please take it from me, there are no winners on this show. Do not do it, I’m begging you,” he began.

“There are literally people hired for the show to get information from you, about you, and use it against you,” Jonathan claimed.

“There is a very specific mental manipulation and torture that goes for an extended amount of time. It’s extremely unhealthy and I think should be completely illegal.”

Jonathan added: “They will take advantage of you and convince you it’s your fault for signing the contract. But you didn’t know that signing a contract was going to bring an incredible amount of negative attention into your life and then you will spend the next few years trying to get back into a happy place.”

Jonathan's concerns have been supported by fellow former ‘MAFS’ NZ contestant Andrew Jury, who confirmed: “He's right, we all say the exact same.”

Similarly, ‘Temptation Island’ contestant Casey Starchak also chimed in writing: “All the same things I experienced on the show I was on! Viewers have no idea just how dark the industry is.”

However, some fans of the show suggested the risk could be worth the reward: “True, but what about Brett and Angel found love and they have a baby etc. So surely it could be worth the risk? No? 🤔”

The couple married on the reality TV show back in 2017, and were the only successful pairing to come from their season. Brett and Angel are now proud parents to their beautiful 1-year-old daughter, Vienna.

What do we reckon? Would joining the show be a terrible idea or worth a shot at happily ever after?