Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner divorce: Taylor Swift has entered the chat with an iconic YTG move

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner divorce: Taylor Swift has entered the chat with an iconic YTG move

Did we expect anything less?!

Well, well, well, we’ve got a new chapter to the story of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce, and this time Sophie has made a power play with none other than the breakup queen herself - Taylor Swift.

Paparazzi have snapped Sophie and Taylor strolling arm in arm to a dinner in the Big Apple, New York.

I can’t help but think this may be one big girl’s girl move. I mean, Taylor and Joe Jonas used to be an item back in the Disney Channel days - remember, Tay said Joe dumped her over the PHONE during a 25 second call. You know we got some good songs out of it, though. 

Honestly, we’re totally here for the exes banding together - and so is every other Swiftie out there.

ICYMI - Joe and Sophie, once a power couple, have officially called it quits after four "wonderful" years of marriage, or so they say on Instagram. 

You know it's real when the Instagram statement drops, right? But, oh boy, the rumour mill has been working overtime, and it's basically a battlefield of "inside sources" duking it out.

So much so, that fans are convinced that Joe’s PR team have been running some sort of smear campaign against Sophie allegedly being ‘an absent mother’ and a ‘party girl’.

Now, this sighting of Sophie marks her first appearance post-divorce announcement. 

As for Joe, well, he's busy touring with the Jonas Brothers and addressing the rumours. 

During one of their gigs, In a video, captured by a fan, Joe opened up about his "tough week" following the announcement of their divorce.

Sophie, on the other hand, has remained mostly tight-lipped except for that joint Instagram statement. 

But hey, actions speak louder than words, right? And seeing her and Taylor hanging out, that's like a cryptic message saying, "I got this!”

So, if you're feeling the urge to dive headfirst into the drama, we’ve got all the tea here