'Garbage' parents at Flo Rida show roasted after crowd-surfing their baby 'for clout'

'Garbage' parents at Flo Rida show roasted after crowd-surfing their baby 'for clout'

Forget shawty's apple-bottom jeans - save that baby!

Parents at a Flo Rida concert crowd-surfed their baby, leading to people blowing the whistle on their horrific parenting. 

In footage posted to Reddit, the little one, who doesn't appear to be any older than 18 months old, is moved along by a canopy of hands to the waiting rapper. The Floridian musician appears to be crowd surfing, but he’s actually elevated above the crowd by way of sitting on a pair of shoulders. 

After being held up like Simba on stage as ‘GDFR’ is blasting, the baby lived the dream of any concertgoer. If only it wasn’t a literal infant that, as the Reddit comments have pointed out, may now face permanent hearing damage. 

“Concerts are way too loud for a baby,” one person put it simply. 

“What is the point of continuing your lineage if you’re not willing to risk it all for clout?” another asked. 

“Everyone’s concerned about the baby’s hearing, and while totally valid, that’s literally the LAST thing to worry about in this sh*t show of a travesty,” a third fuming commenter wrote. “Someone save that baby from its garbage parents”. 

“Some people really don’t deserve to procreate,” stated one more. 

Since seeing this video my knowledge of the world has significantly decreased. What decisions has society made that lead to a baby riding along a river of hands, arriving at Flo Rida on the shoulders of another grown man?

Horrible parenting out of the way, how much is Flo Rida paying the guy carrying him on his shoulders? Is carrying the rapper on his shoulders his only job? Have they practiced? When was the last time I rode some shoulders?

It’s likely we’ll never know the fate of the baby that rode the human wave, but at least we can all agree it was a horrible parenting decision.