US crowd react in horror after Lorde reveals she illegally swam in contaminated river pre-show

US crowd react in horror after Lorde reveals she illegally swam in contaminated river pre-show

Her reaction being like 'OMG' is too cute!

Lorde shocked the crowd at her Washington DC concert with an announcement that now has fans seriously worried about her health.

During her latest show on the Solar Power tour in the US, Lorde told fans that she went swimming in the Potomac River, which is a huge no-no.

"I was lying in the Potomac River…I love to swim in the water where I'm playing. It makes me feel like I know you a bit better, somehow.”

The footage from the gig shows the crowd erupting with shock and disgust once they processed what she had just said. Lorde, bless her, appears none the wiser as she continues her chat with the crowd. Fans were heard yelling "ewww!" and "WTF".

Why was it so shocking? The Potomac River is well known in DC for being polluted, mostly with sewage overflow from heavy rains and E.coli bacteria.

According to the Washington Post, It has been illegal to swim in the body of water since 1971.

It wasn't clear where exactly she swam in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, but it caused enough of a stir that the Potomac Conservancy Twitter account posted a warning to stay out of the river.

In video footage from after the concert fans let her know about her mistake and her reaction is so cute and innocent. 

"I think all is well," she said as she calmed their concern about her health.

“Now I know why you were all laughing, I’m happy to be a DC meme."

And a meme she has become, with many fans switching their concern for a laugh online.

One Twitter user said, “Lorde talking abt how she swam in the Potomac River today and now we must say goodbye to Lorde for she has a flesh-eating disease”

Although we don’t think it’s that serious, everyone should be on the lookout, just in case she starts morphing or growing a third arm!

Another agreed by saying, “Lorde about to have a horn grow outta her forehead messing round with the Potomac.”

A third simply left it with a picture to describe the entire audience's reaction when they found out.

It’s safe to say that Lorde has learnt her lesson, and we’re glad she can laugh about it too. 

Let’s just make sure next time we do a quick google search before swimming in an extremely polluted river, yeah?!