'Weird': Rihanna is causing outrage for 'flipping baby upside down' at son RZA's B-day party

'Weird': Rihanna is causing outrage for 'flipping baby upside down' at son RZA's B-day party

respectfully... didn't we all do this as kids?!

Rihanna fans and sensible people everywhere are rushing to defend the singer after she went viral for the way she held her son at his birthday party. 

Celebrating 2-year-old RZA with her man A$AP Rocky and the couple's younger son Riot, Riri playfully dangled her eldest by his legs for a second while friends and family sang 'Happy Birthday'. 

Despite the fact the little guy looked to be having a blast and received many loving cuddles before and after, some people couldn't help themselves, claiming Rihanna was "doing it wrong". 

"That’s not the right way to hold a young child!" one commenter said. 

"If this was a normal person yall would of had an outrage," another added. 

One person warned "don't let that blood rush", while a fourth asked: "Why is Rihanna holding her son like that?!" 

"Flipping a baby upside down while everybody singing happy birthday is a little weird…love," another comment read. 

Of course, the naysayers were waaaay out numbered by people who know full well how much a toddler loves this kind of stuff. 

"There is nothing wrong here," one commenter wrote. "Any seasoned parent can watch this and see that RZA was getting restless and was probably about to start fussing/crying…" 

"Rihanna kept him distracted, made him laugh, and also got a great pic all at once," they added. 

"All I see is a great boy mom. Anything else is a reach." 

Another asked: "They’re just playing , what’s the big fuss about?" 

"I know that baby was enjoying it and was like 'Do it again mommy'," a third person added. "Kids love that typa sh*t."

"Maaan, everyone has done that to their kids," another X user agreed. "My pops ultimately did it to me."

Interestingly, A$AP Rocky got nowhere near the same reaction when he shared a family pic where HE was the one holding RZA upside down (it's obviously a thing this toddler loooves). 

Amid all the birthday wishes and pleas for a new A$AP or Rihanna album, I only found one comment addressing the way RZA was being held, which read: "Drop another album. Not a child." 

Let's hope Riri doesn't let the haters get her down, and keeps being the epic and fun mama she is. About that new album though…?