Trisha Paytas COMES FOR Colleen Ballinger In A YouTube Vid Full Of New Allegations

Trisha Paytas COMES FOR Colleen Ballinger In A YouTube Vid Full Of New Allegations

"I don't stand by her, I'm embarrassed to be associated with her."

Trisha Paytas has broken her silence on the controversy surrounding her podcast co-host, Colleen Ballinger.

However, it seems that not only the podcast but also the friendship between the two may have come to an end, as Colleen has been hit with multiple allegations of inappropriate behaviour with underage fans.

Accusations include sending sexually suggestive messages, grooming, and trauma dumping.

In a video posted on Trisha's YouTube channel this morning, she has chosen to speak out against her former friend's "disgusting" actions.

"I wasn't aware of these recent things that are coming out. Everyone knows I have a very firm stance on talking to anyone underage, whether it's platonic or not. I've always been very firm about this and I think it's inappropriate," Trisha said.

As the allegations began to pile up, Trisha revealed that she did stay in contact with Colleen as a support system since she had also faced the wrath of the online community during previous scandals.

"I think everyone can take accountability and grow... If you acknowledge it."

However, Trisha quickly realized that she could no longer stay quiet after Colleen released her not-so-apologetic video addressing the alleged wrongdoings.

"Her video came out, and I was just shocked that she didn't acknowledge the stuff that her own fans were saying about how they felt. The way she brushed it over, it ultimately became memes, and now it's somewhat lighthearted, even though it's not a lighthearted issue," she said about the lack of remorse Colleen showed in her apology video.

She added, "Weeks prior to the apology video, we were in touch because I know what it's like to have the whole internet come down on you, even if the whole internet is right."

Trisha's support for Colleen took a sharp turn when she claims she found out that Colleen had betrayed her too.

She accused Colleen of hosting viewing parties at her house to watch Trisha's adult content. She also claims to she's been told about photos showing Colleen and her friends posing with Trisha's nude photos, as well as sharing images of Trisha naked and laughing at her expense.

"I do not condone unsolicited nudes to anybody, whether they're a sex worker or not. I think using someone's nudes to hurt them and make fun of them is the lowest form of humanity, the lowest form of intelligence. I think it's inhumane... It's disgusting."

She added, "A couple of weeks ago, before there was any proof, I asked her about these allegations, and she assured me that she had never sent photos of me and that this one fan, who was underage at the time, would send photos to her."

"She said everything was taken out of context, these are lies. As her friend, I trusted her, I guess... that's why it's the whole innocent until proven guilty."

In her video, Trisha went on to say that Colleen had multiple opportunities to mend things with her but chose to deny and deflect.

"My heart was racing, I was sick to my stomach. Seeing stuff like that is probably the worst I've seen from someone I considered a friend... It is downright cruel."

"This is all alleged as I haven't seen anything," Trisha said, jumping the gun on news outlets picking up on the scandal before she could speak about it first.

She continued, "I don't think this is jumping on a hate bandwagon. Maybe she doesn't understand what she did was wrong. Maybe we need to keep talking about this because it's really wrong, it's really gross. It's also unsolicited nudes, no one was asking for this."

"These people are speaking up and they're uncomfortable for a reason. Acknowledge it, change it, do better!"

"I don't stand by her, I'm embarrassed to be associated with her. I'm embarrassed for the fans she sent those to; that should never have happened," Trisha concluded.

The video ended with the YouTube star stating that she will not speak further on this issue and that she fully supports those speaking out against Colleen's actions.