Adam McIntyre drags Colleen Ballinger for allegations of texting Trisha Paytas' nudes to fans

Adam McIntyre drags Colleen Ballinger for allegations of texting Trisha Paytas' nudes to fans

"Colleen's aim was to make Trisha look as embarrassing as possible." Adam McIntyre drags Colleen Ballinger for allegedly texting Trisha Paytas' nudes to young fans

After accusations of sending sexually suggestive messages, grooming, and trauma dumping, Youtuber Colleen Ballinger's online empire is being torn down by the very fans who helped her create it in the first place.

ICYMI - Trisha Paytas posted a 20-minute YouTube video titled 'colleen', speaking out against her former friend's alleged inappropriate behaviour with underage fans. Trisha also accused Colleen of sharing sexually explicit images and hosting viewing parties of Trisha's explicit pictures and videos with underage fans.

Former fan Adam McIntyre has been one of the most vocal accusers against Colleen and has now released his own YouTube video titled 'dear trisha paytas…' to detail more of what he claims happened in the alleged inappropriate text exchange.

In the video, Adam explains, "Johnny [another accuser] went and found everything, and Johnny posted proof that Colleen was always the person who started these conversations, centring around sending videos and pictures of Trisha."

That's when Trisha revealed that she could no longer associate with Colleen and was "embarrassed" about her former friend's actions.

Adam adds that Trisha revealed in her video that Colleen "acknowledges it did happen" in a private conversation the two YouTube stars had about the text exchange.

The images of the alleged text exchange have been uploaded across multiple posts on Twitter and have garnered over 1.3 million views and seemingly show the conversation started by the same cellphone number [believed to be Colleen], with timestamps dating back to 2018 - We have chosen not to share them here.

It’s one thing for Trisha to use them for her online biz, and another entirely to have them shared with minors who did not ask to see them.

"Colleen's aim was to make Trisha look as embarrassing as possible, but when you look at this, you realize that Colleen is just a bitter, jealous woman," Adam claimed.

Many people following this scandal have been asking for the context behind the sexually explicit photos being shared.

Adam explains, "It would mainly be we were having a conversation, and then a photo or video would be sent, and there was no real context to it ever."

He further alleges instances where Colleen would download images of Trisha and get her friends to hold up a computer screen posing with the X-rated content, which she would then send to Adam and Johnny.

"It's just evil behaviour."

He goes on to add, "In the process of Colleen [telling Trisha it wasn't her initiating these conversations] trying to throw me under the bus and trying to expose me… She's admitted that she was in conversations and distribution of Trisha Paytas' nudes with a minor, which, ladies and gentlemen, is illegal."

"Colleen Ballinger is a really shitty person, and none of it is [Trisha's] fault. None of it."

Adam went on to thank Trisha for speaking out and apologised to her "for ever allowing Colleen Ballinger at 30-something years old to make me as a 14-year-old feel like that behaviour was normal because it wasn’t.”

Colleen is yet to address these fresh allegations.