Niall Horan can’t believe he’s touring in ‘untouchable’ NZ, raves about Kiwi fan base

Niall Horan can’t believe he’s touring in ‘untouchable’ NZ, raves about Kiwi fan base

"When I was growing up, New Zealand felt very untouchable"

Our favourite Irish lad, Niall Horan has revealed how “nuts” it is to him that he’s about to tour Aotearoa!

Niall recently spilled that he thought New Zealand was “untouchable” during the sweetest interview with ‘The Project’, and let me tell you, he couldn't believe he was sitting there, chatting it up with some Kiwis. 

"It just crazy that that's even [happening], or even that we're having this conversation," he said in disbelief.

"It's nuts, I'm literally doing an interview to New Zealand. When I was growing up, New Zealand felt very untouchable because it was so far away."

But guess what? Dreams do come true, and now Niall gets to visit Aotearoa every few years for his epic tours. Pinch me, please!

Niall also gushed about how “lucky” he is to have the support of his loyal fan base both new and the day one-direction-ers. ;D

“That solid fan base is there, live and kicking. They’re so supportive!”

But hold up, Niall also shared another Kiwi connection. 

On his new album ‘The Show’ which blessed our ears today, Niall collabed with the talented Kiwi producer Joel Little. Talk about a match made in heaven! 

Niall revealed he sent Joel a song called ‘The Show’ that he whipped up during the COVID-19 lockdown. Just a piano and his smooth vocals. No biggie, right?

But Joel didn't just sit there twiddling his thumbs. Oh no, he put his magic touch on that track and sent it back to Niall. And that's when Niall knew Joel was the real deal.

Niall said: “The first thing he sent back, I was like, ‘Okay, this guy is definitely working on this.”

Joel wound up being the executive producer on the whole freaking album, which makes us Kiwi fans very proud.

During their chat, Niall also said NZ would be the first to know about any upcoming tours and drum roll, please…..

Niall is hitting the road and gracing Aotearoa with his ‘The Show’ tour in April 2024.

So, mark your calendars, prepare for a serious fangirl moment and get ready to scream your hearts out!