Niall Horan addresses existence of 1D group chat and says NZ will be 'first to know' about tour
The Edge Breakfast
The Edge Breakfast

Niall Horan addresses existence of 1D group chat and says NZ will be 'first to know' about tour

I can only imagine what the most-used emoji is…

The Edge Breakfast team were lucky enough to be joined by the one and only Niall Horan recently, where he spilled on whether One Direction are still in a group chat with each other and gave us the low down on when he'll return to Aotearoa. 

After the ex-band members from NSYNC admitted they still have a group chat that pops off daily, we had to ask Niall if this was the case between him and the other 1D boys - oh to get a peek at those screenshots! 

Niall confirmed there was once such a wonderful thing, telling us: "The group was open there for a while, did well during the lockdown, then it kind of petered out." 

“I don’t know why the chat never really kept the legs going, ya know?”

"It's more of a separate thing at the moment," he added, which we're taking to mean he still keeps in touch with the lads one on one.  

Sean from Edge Nights asked who would be the one to start the group chat back up, to which he replied:

“Well now that we’re talking about it, we’ll get [it] cracking… see what everyone's up to?” 

He also let us in on his plans for a tour stopping off in little old New Zealand, and said Kiwis will be the "first to know" - holding you to that, bud. 

“I’m kind of sticking a tour together right now, and whenever I have a day and date, you’ll be the first to know. I will be down your neck of the woods eminently.” 

We also got the scoop on the possibility of a collaboration with Lewis Capaldi, one of Niall's besties who he has developed an adorable friendship with over the past few years.  

We’ve written together before, kinda decent actually.

Sadly, however, we'll have to keep waiting on this one, as there's nothing officially in the works. Fingers crossed for a jaw dropping collab on his new album dropping June 9th! 

To hear Niall's gorgeous accent and all the topics we yarned about, check out the full chat below.