Love Island UK fans demand Zachariah be sent home after his 'disrespectful' af challenge kiss

Love Island UK fans demand Zachariah be sent home after his 'disrespectful' af challenge kiss

“That man needs to go NOW!"

Love Island UK fans are fuming after bombshell Zachariah’s “disrespectful” move towards his partner Catherine in the latest couples challenge. So much so, they’re demanding he should be axed from the show.

ICYMI - Tuesday night's episode saw Zachariah pull fellow Islander Molly for a chat to admit his feelings about wanting to get to know her. 

This obviously left his current partner Catherine worried and confused. I mean, He had just told her how much he was enjoying spending time with her, and that their coupling felt "natural".

Zachariah made possibly the shadiest move during the couple's challenge that baffled all of the islanders and us watching from home. 

Each boy was tasked with picking a girl to give flowers to before they had to share a steamy kiss. Most of the boys picked their partner except for, yep you guessed it, Zachariah.

Instead of picking his partner Catherine, who believed they were getting on well, he opted to pick Molly.

The moment certainly didn't go unnoticed by the rest of the group who were stunned, but it only got worse from there.

The move did not sit well with Catherine and obviously planted seeds of doubt in her mind about things working with them moving forward.

Catherine called him "disrespectful" af as he refused to apologise before admitting he probably didn't handle things the right way. Ya think?!

Fans are now calling for him to be removed from the villa, after his lack of care and respect for Catherine and his refusal to apologise.

One user wrote: “Zachariah is unwilling to apologise for his disrespect… get him out of this villa”

“That man needs to go NOW,” wrote another.

While a third said: “Looooool Zach really had us in the beginning, it’s fine his time will come!”

Welp, while we wait to see the next update of this love triangle saga, I’m gonna pray that a hot, lovely RESPECTFUL bombshell will burst through the villa doors for our gal Catherine!