Peep the awkward pics of Kim K and Pete Davidson's post breakup reunion at the MET Gala

Peep the awkward pics of Kim K and Pete Davidson's post breakup reunion at the MET Gala

Tell me Kim isn't giving the biggest 'help me' energy you've ever seen!

This is not a drill, exes Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have reunited at the MET Gala 2023, and I think we need to investigate what this means!

I mean, the pair were snapped chit-chatting inside the MET while poor Usher looked like the awkward third wheel. But the question on everyone's mind is, what are they really thinking behind those forced smiles?

Sure, It's only been nine months since the couple broke up and apparently "decided to remain good friends", which is classic Hollywood speak for "hope never to speak to each other again".

Running into your ex at any event is the pits, but doing so at the celebrity social event of the year surrounded by cameras has got to be a special kind of painful.

I can't even imagine what's going through their minds! Wait, no, I definitely can. Let's do that now.

Pete is clenching his teeth so hard watching Kim talk to another man, I can almost feel the dentist's bill. Luckily, he's capitalised enough on his relationship with Kim (and lots of other famous and beautiful women) that he can easily afford it.

Meanwhile, Kim is reaching for the exact spot where Pete once inked and then removed the initials of Kim and her four kids - no one will be forgetting that anytime soon.

Next, Kim is sporting a classic 'help me' look while she appears to be telepathically pleading with Usher to break into a version of 'Yeah' or do literally anything else to break the tension.

Is this more iconic than Jared Leto in a cat costume on the carpet? As far as celebrity drama goes, it's a hard yes. My only regret is that we don't have a video, and that I never thought to get a high-end waitressing job in NYC so I could watch all the shit go down inside the MET for myself.