MAFS AU cast sent strong warning from angry producers, but whose antics are to blame?

MAFS AU cast sent strong warning from angry producers, but whose antics are to blame?

Most of the contestants seem to not give a sh*t. Eek!

The Married at First Sight Australia cast of 2023 has officially gotten all of their social media back, but a few of them have found themselves in hot water with Channel Nine after going rogue on their socials while still under contract.

The show ended in Aussie and New Zealand last month, but the producers are keeping a tight grip on the participants' social media accounts until the finale airs in the UK tonight.

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This means that the contestants are not supposed to be posting anything on social media to prevent spoilers from leaking, makes total sense tbh.

But let's be real, these MAFS participants are not the ones to follow the rules.

Apparently, Channel Nine is not too pleased with this and sent out an email to the contestants reminding them of their contractual obligations.

One contestant even shared a screenshot of the email with the So Dramatic!, but as for who, that’s a secret they’ll never tell xoxo. LOL!

SOURCE: So Dramatic!

The email stated that the contestants are still not allowed to use any form of social media, including Facebook and TikTok. 

They even went as far as to say that all social media accounts should still be set to private.

The MAFS star who shared this email around told So Dramatic! they believe that Channel Nine is bothered by how many views their videos are getting. 

But despite the threatening email, most of the contestants seem to not give a sh*t, to put it bluntly.

I’ve had a wee looksie and I can confirm that Bronte Schofield, Janelle Han and Lyndall Grace all still have public TikTok accounts, but Jesse Burford who was the first to go rogue with his TikTok antics has since removed his video implying he and Janelle were seeing each other before the show had ended

Janelle has been caught doing sponsored influencer deals on Instagram despite the producers' warnings. 

Bronte Schofield revealed on TikTok that she was "single..AGAIN," which pissed off a few fans who were yet to see the end of her and Harrison Boon’s relationship on the show.

It's clear that some of these MAFS participants think that the publicity is worth the risk.

Honestly, this is the kind of drama that we live for, and we're defs not complaining!