MAFS' Jesse now has his own TikTok and he's acting a damn fool

MAFS' Jesse now has his own TikTok and he's acting a damn fool

Is he saying he's with..? But they can't be… Just watch the video

MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford has joined the TikTok community, and we’re welcoming him with open arms, but after he uploaded his first clip, I’m left with more questions than answers as to how he is doing after leaving the show.

Jesse - as we should all know by now - up and left the experiment right before the couple swap took place on the reality show, but little did we know that he might’ve done an IRL couple swap.

In his latest TikTok, Jesse is seen looking puzzled into the camera before asking for help from former MAFS bride Janelle Han.

“Can someone teach me how to friggen do this?” he says.

“Janelle? Janelle, can you come to teach me how to work this TikTok thing?”

Did you just lose your absolute sh*** because I certainly did!

Although Janelle doesn’t actually appear in the video, many fans took to the comments to assume the pair were together at the time.

One questioned: “so ya in a relationship with Janelle?”

Another wrote that the pair would be great together: “I really love this, both Jesse and Janelle deserve each other’s happiness.”

Tbh, we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves here… I mean, from what we saw on the show, Jesse loves a good poke and tease, and it really would be the most shocking twist of the season after the whole Adam and Claire cheating scandal.

ICYMI - While both Jesse and Janelle were in the experiment, their respective partners cheated on them... with each other. However, Jesse stayed in the experiment a lil longer thanks to his now ex Claire Nomarhas wanting to patch things up.

Though it all became too much for Jesse, he couldn’t forgive Claire for her infidelity, exited the show and has since called her the ‘supervillain’ of their season.

Whether Jesse is teasing a new relo or not, we’re definitely intrigued to see what else is to come from his TikTok account, and of course, we will keep you updated along the way!