'It was a big fat lie': MAFS' Lyndall drops truth bomb on meeting Cam's new gf during homestays

'It was a big fat lie': MAFS' Lyndall drops truth bomb on meeting Cam's new gf during homestays

“F*cken hell, I literally met her!"

Turns out Married At First Sight’s Lyndall Grace met Cameron's new girlfriend while filming for the reality show and things are not adding up. 

Hold on to your seats because Lyndall just dropped the major bombshell about her on-screen hubby’s new fling and it all went down during homestays.

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According to So Dramatic!, Lyndall commented about her introduction to Cam’s now gf on a MAFS fan page on Facebook.

“F*cken hell, I literally met her at Homestays.”

One fan tried to defend Cameron by saying that he probably “fell for an old friend”, but Lyndall hinted that there must have been something going on between the new couple during filming.

She wrote: “Mhm. And they happened to [make] it official in the four weeks between final vows and the reunion? Sure.” 

Tbh with Cam’s 180-degree spin on his feelings for Lyndall during filming, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lyndall was onto something here.

But here's the kicker, Cameron's new girlfriend was the first person Lyndall met at Homestays. And apparently, this "friend" turned girlfriend was taking care of Cameron's dog during filming.

Another group member agreed with Lyndall and called out Cameron for lying about the timeline of his new relationship. 

“Wow. I mean it’s okay, but he’s been making out like they met recently and randomly in a bar,” the fan wrote.

Apparently, Cameron said he met his new bae at his work Christmas party, but Lyndall confirmed that “it was a big fat lie”.

Either way, Cam has moved on and seems to be happy with his new beau and even has plans to travel with her for a year, so it seems like he's changed his tune!