All the most cooked and explosive moments from last nights final MAFS dinner party
What's Good
What's Good

All the most cooked and explosive moments from last nights final MAFS dinner party

Marriages are left on the rocks, while one is finally O-V-E-R

Well, well, well, true colours were shown on Married At First Sight last night, as the couples fronted their last dinner party as a group. 

From Cam admitting Lyndall isn’t the gal for him, to Bronte’s explosive exit from ‘gaslighting dickhead’ Harrison, there’s a lot to unpack. So shall we just jump straight into it?

Cam & Lyndall
We’ve seen the tensions building between these two for weeks and despite Lyndall’s best efforts, Cam just has to remind us all that he WILL be working remotely in the bush, despite previously saying that he would give it all up for love - ouch!

The moment that got me was when Cam decided it was a good move to say in front of the entire group that he didn’t see himself falling in love with Lyndall - that’s the first she had heard of it - and remained stone-cold after Lyndall had left the room in tears.

Bless Ollie for saying Cam’s sending mixed messages to his wife and does everyone a favour by asking the brutal question: “Is this the girl for you,” but I don’t think anyone was prepared for Cam to come out and say: “not after homestays, no…”

Yikes, it was a side of the groom that I think he could’ve had at least the littlest bit of decency to have shown respect. 

It really seems as though Harrison has rubbed off on a few of the lads throughout the experiment.

Speaking of…

Bronte & Harrison
Thank the lord the moment has finally come and Bronte has dug her heel right into the ground - I mean it only took a couple of months, but it’s happened nonetheless.

ICYMI - the homestay for these two was nothing short of a shit show. Bronte’s firey sis backed up what the other brides have been trying to tell her for weeks. After calling him a “narcissistic, gaslighting, dickhead”, Bronte confirmed that she wanted out of her marriage. 

I mean I would’ve thrown the duces up after finding out he had a ‘secret gf’ on day one, but who am I to judge?

The dinner party wasn’t any less of a mess, with Harrison’s constant ‘victim complex’ while cutting Bronte off as she was speaking. 

But, can we get a round of applause for Lyndall coming forward and telling Harrison to “respectfully, chill the f**k out!”

For some extra goss, check out Edge Breakfast chat with John Atkins from MAFS AU:

After a good few minutes of back and forth on who makes who feel the craziest, Bronte did, well, a Bronte and got up from the table turned to the group and announced that her relationship with Hard to watch Harri was O-V-E-R. 

Will she show up for final vows or can we finally be done with being subjected to this horror of a relationship? 

Melinda & Layton
These two have been on more ups and downs than a roller coaster, but I’m still holding on to the fact they can work it out and have the fairy tale ending they deserve.

Melinda showed all of her love for Layton at the dinner party, calling him: “My Layton,” before sweetly confessing: “I think you tick all my boxes like no guy’s ever ticked all my boxes before.” When asked if she was falling in love with her partner, Melinda answered: “I’m already there.”

Unfortunately, she was talking to a brick wall, ahem, Layton… His constant analysis of their relationship has always stood in the way, and last night was no exception. 

“If you can’t speak to someone, are you really?” he responds.

Layton reckons he could fall in love with her, and it crosses his mind multiple times throughout the day. But he’s simply not there just yet because they still have unresolved issues. 

All I can say is the final vows will have us on the tippy tips of our toes, cause rn idfk what the outcome could possibly be.

Alyssa and Duncan
Well, we can safely say, Alyssa still has a child and she’s still firm on seeing him every other weekend, but by the looks of it, Duncan may be ready to pack it all in after she shut him down for… wait for it… the sweetest compliments.

Argh, these two are so compatible, but it seems their relationship is sinking further and further each time they’re on our screens.

Duncan admitted he loves how Alyssa makes him feel in their relationship when it’s good. “Which is like 56% of the time,” Alyssa responds.

“Even just then, I’m just describing some things I like about you and you just cut me down,” Duncan admitted about the other 44%.


Of course, Evelyn and Rupert have had a bumpy week, thanks to his foot-in-mouth syndrome, but they’re definitely up there with one of the more solid couples.

And who could forget the love birds, Tahnee and Ollie! These two are definitely made for each other and I’ve loved watching them throughout the whole experiment. 

Final vows begin Sunday and I’ll be sure to update you with the most shocking outcomes of the season.