These 'Teletubbies' boots may be nostalgic af, but the hefty price will leave you gagged
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These 'Teletubbies' boots may be nostalgic af, but the hefty price will leave you gagged

Who's willing to give up next months rent...?

Eh-oh. People are torn after a designer created some out-the-freaking-gate 'Teletubbies' boots straight out of our wildest childhood dreams. Sooo what's the problem? The hefty price tag that comes with them.

Nothing says nostalgia like, well, rocking around with the Teletubbies on your feet, and that’s exactly what designer Christian Cowan must’ve thought when unveiling the boots.

Taking to Instagram, the British-born, New York-based designer wrote: "The collab you didn't know you needed... Teletubbies x Christian Cowan has dropped. Link in Bio to be gagged.”

He added: "When deciding what our next collaboration would be, we were throwing around lots of pop culture icons, and then it struck us, let's do THE icons.”

"We treated Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinkey-Winkey like the legends they are, shot in a [Richard] Avdeon-esque style, the garments tell the story of our four legendary characters, who have come to step on everyone's necks and have autographed these pieces for their adoring fans,” he finished.

So how much will these bad boys set you back? Well, it’s a painful $4080 NZD.

Alongside the boots, Christian’s range includes Teletubby trousers ($810), jackets ($975), T-Shirts ($320) and hoodies ($573). Yikes!

With prices like that, I have to question, is it the collab we’ve been waiting for?

Some die-hard Teletubbies fans are loving it with one Instagram commenter writing: “It's not a want it's a NEED."

“Didn't know I needed these until now,” said another.

 A third agreed writing: "Never needed something more.” 

However, not even the most iconic and nostalgic characters can convince some people to get their hands on a pair.

"Wtf is that,” wrote one commenter.

Another added: "We've entered the clown world.”

A third said: "Too overpriced for this sh***"

Now the real question is, will you be grabbing a pair?