MAFS couples explode at Adam for lying about his cooked cheating scandal with Claire

MAFS couples explode at Adam for lying about his cooked cheating scandal with Claire

Janelle was dressed for revenge!

Holy smokes MAFS has absolutely been dishing up the drama this season and last night’s dinner party was no exception as the group turned on Claire and Adam for their sneaky kiss at the pub.

The tension was thick and blood was boiling as both Adam and Claire had to confront the rest of the brides and grooms.

Although Claire showed genuine remorse and expressed her deepest regret to both Jesse and Janelle, Adam dug his hole deeper as the group called him out on his gaslighting, lies and total disrespect to his wife.

Believe it or not, Harrison of all people was the one holding Adam accountable. Yep, the same guy who was called out for his gaslighting behaviour in the first few episodes for having a ‘secret gf’ before the show.

I'm not sure what was going on last night, but I was team Harrison - never thought I’d be saying that. Surely there’s an ulterior motive, right? Even Jesse doesn’t know if he can trust him.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to discuss the chaos last night and I couldn’t help but have a lil giggle at a few of the responses.

One user posted a hilarious clip to go alongside her take on Janelle’s situation with Adam.

Another thought Adam wouldn’t make it out of the dinner party. I mean Janelle was definitely serving revenge!

Let’s not forget this hot cup of tea that made our jaws drop

I’m not the only one who didn’t trust Harrison’s new attitude, one user called out his hypocrisy.

I’mma just leave this one here - YIKES

What will happen tonight? Who tf knows! I absolutely can’t wait for the experts to share their hot takes.