Tearful Harrison admits he 'hated' himself on MAFS, but former MAFS brides call BS

Tearful Harrison admits he 'hated' himself on MAFS, but former MAFS brides call BS

“It’s hard for me to believe the emotion."

Harrison Boon was this year’s undisputed Married at First Sight villain, a role he wore well.

Harrison made sure he was front and centre of the drama during the 2023 season, from the 'secret gf' scandal on his wedding day to his extremely turbulent on-and-off relationship with his wife Brotne Schofield, damaging other marriages on the show, all the way to Bronte walking out on the final dinner party.

The show has now wrapped over in Australia, as we patiently await the decisions of the final vows. In the meantime, Harrison has been doing all that he can to clear his name for his terrible wrongdoings on the show.

In doing so, Harrison decided to join former Married at First Sight 2022 brides Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding for an interview on their ‘Sit With Us’ podcast.

On the podcast, Harrison admitted that he did come across as a “gaslighting narcissist” - shocker!!

“Watching as a viewer, I hate myself on the show.”

Previously talking to Kyle and Jakie O Harrison said: “I’m watching things back and think ‘Oh I shouldn’t have done that’. Like when Bronte and I get into an argument, I do not listen. I do not listen to other people. I wait for my opportunity to drop those truth bombs or I’m listening for weaknesses in their argument instead of what they’re saying.”

Seems like he’s actually taking accountability for once… oh wait!

Harrison went on to tell Ella and Domenica that part of the reason for his attitude towards his relationships is because his ex had cheated on him.

“People think I’m a heartless fuckboy for no reason, but I have a reason,” he said. 

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Is it a hard thing to go through, yes! Does it constitute being wreckless with others’ emotions, mmm probs not…

Harrison teared up talking about his previous relationship and his son, but Ella said she couldn’t feel his emotion.

“It’s hard for me to believe the emotion, you are sitting here crying, but even right now I’m sitting here and I don’t feel like it’s real. Don’t take this the wrong way.” 

“How could I not be insulted by you saying my feelings aren’t real?” Harrison responded.

After all that effort in trying to show that he’s really a nice guy, Harrison topped the cake with his very own TikTok joking about being a narcissist, and I seriously wish I was joking.

In the clip, Harrison turns to his mate Paul asking if he thinks that the MAFS scandal king is a narc. After a very awkward pause, Paul says “no”.

The camera then quickly pans to fellow MAFS 2023 groom Jesse Burford jokingly calling Harrison names across the table.

These two being besties outside the experiment was absolutely not on my bingo card, but here we are.

As for Harrison’s rep, it doesn’t seem that he’s doing himself any favours and I’m sure there’s plenty more drama to come.