Apparently MAFS producers cut a super emosh speech from Tayla before she yeeted out of the show

Apparently MAFS producers cut a super emosh speech from Tayla before she yeeted out of the show

“The cast was in tears and ran over to comfort her”.

Did we all catch the dinner party on MAFS last night? It was stacked full of moments that rocked the couples, but it was only one husband and wife that ended up calling it quits ahead of the commitment ceremony. 

While Tayla Winter and Hugo Armstrong announced their departure it’s now come to our attention that an emotional speech from the show’s female “villain” was cut from the final edit.

ICYMI - Tayla and Hugo’s relationship went downhill faster than Hailey Biebers IG followers during the whole Selena feud. After multiple arguments, no intimacy, sleeping on a couch and Hugo admitting to calling Tayla the C word after her constant failure to embrace the relationship, the couple officially decided to exit the experiment at last night’s dinner party.

However, Daily Mail reported that a very emotional speech from bride Tayla had been left out of last night’s episode, and we’re talking so emosh, that the rest of the cast were in tears!

Apparently, the heartfelt moment consisted of a three-page letter about why Tayla was so closed off in the initial stages of her marriage to Hugo. 

The source told the publication: “Tayla was very raw and vulnerable… it was a side that none of the cast had seen from her.”

"It was tough for everyone. The cast was in tears and ran over to comfort her."

So why cut the scene?!

Look, I’m not ignorant to the fact that reality tv is somewhat scripted and heavily edited to portray certain characters for views, however, if others on the show can do a 180 for the better why can’t Tayla, especially if it was her final moment before leaving the experiment anyway?!

It’s no secret that many other brides and grooms had their concerns about the way Tayla carried herself on the show, but if they can find a “new-found respect” for the gal, why shouldn’t we?

Tayla has previously opened up to Hit100.9's hosts Dan and Christie about how she feels she was portrayed on tv versus who she really is.

“They didn’t really have a female villain this year and I had to slide into that role a little bit,” she explained. 

'I’ve definitely been given the villain edit.”

She added: “I don’t think it’s a true representation of myself and it’s not reflecting who I am, but it is what it is. The people who know me know me.”

“I was taken full advantage of over there, they manipulated me quite a lot.”

Whether Tayla was edited poorly or not, we’re just glad that Hugo has managed to move on and hope that he won’t be sleeping on any more couches any time soon!