Fans chant nasty stuff about Hailey at Justin Bieber and even if you're team Selena it's cooked

Fans chant nasty stuff about Hailey at Justin Bieber and even if you're team Selena it's cooked

This alleged feud is getting out of hand!

The rumoured feud between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber is getting rowdy, and fans are making their feelings heard - literally!

During Justin Bieber’s most recent performance at Rolling Loud, the crowd began chanting "f**k Hailey Bieber!" as he left the stage.

I think it goes without saying, that no one should condone this type of abuse.

Justin was a surprise guest at Rolling Loud Festival earlier this month performing ‘Private Landing’ alongside rapper Don Toliver.

As the singer thanked Don for bringing him out, the crowd erupted into a cheer before things quickly took a turn for the worse.

One audience member started chanting the f-bombs along with Justin’s wife's name as the alleged feud between the star's ex and current beau continues to cause a stir online.

ICYMI -  Fans have been doing a deep dive into a rumoured social media feud between Selena, Hailey and now Kylie Jenner has been thrown into the mix.

The most recent stir comes after Selena took to her Instagram Stories to show how she "accidentally laminated her brows too much." 

No one thought anything of her innocent post until Kylie seemingly mocked Selena on her own Instagram Story. The reality star just so happened to post her own eyebrow pic with "this was an accident" written alongside the pic.

It may have just been a coincidence, but fans weren’t convinced after another pic featured Hailey Bieber FaceTiming Kylie, both showing a closeup of their eyebrows - yikes!

Despite all this current drama taking over the internet, Justin hasn’t gone public with any statements about his wife’s feelings or his take on the alleged feud.

On the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast host Alex Cooper grilled Hailey on the love triangle controversy between her, Selena and Justin. She claimed that there is "no drama, personally," and that "it's all respect, it's all love."

Tbh we all took her word for it, and the two gals had seemingly squashed all concerns when they snapped a pic together at last year's Academy Museum Gala

So whether this feud is just a result of a fan conspiracy or if there is some truth behind it, it’s clearly not going away anytime soon.