Daniel and Carolina split

What in the MAFS is going on? Daniel and Carolina split hours after Olivia and Jackson

Did they plan this in a group chat or...?
9 August 2022 11:43AM

Two more 'Married At First Sight' contestants, Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos, have announced their break up on the same day as their castmates. 

Daniel shared the news on Instagram with a statement written in his notes app, as all good celebrity break up speeches should be. 

The post came just hours after Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie, who got together on the same season of 'MAFS', said they were calling it quits

Daniel's statement read: 

"I’m getting bombarded so much atm considering all the articles out rn about the status of Carolina and I. 

"I think it’s been obvious for a while we have gone our separate ways. There’s no right way to deal with these situations.

"There’s a huge pressure to just hold off going public for as long as possible cause you know all the hate that’s gonna come." 

Daniel added that he wished Carolina all the best, saying they had a "very unique experience together full of every emotion possible". 

"Life just has a different plan for us," he concluded.

Carolina hasn't officially addressed news of the break up, but she has removed Daniel from her Instagram bio, where his name appeared next to a love heart. 

The reality TV star seems to be living her best life in sunny London, and her Instagram feed is filled with super hot post-breakup thirst traps, so everything checks out. 

If you've forgotten, Daniel and Carolina were embroiled in one of those classic 'MAFS' cheating scandals we love so much, with the pair hooking up while Carolina was still technically married to her TV husband Dion Giannarelli.