MAFS' Olivia and Jackson announce split and is anyone surprised?

MAFS' Olivia and Jackson announce split and is anyone surprised?

We’ve all seen that video

After 10 months together, ‘Married At First Sight’ couple Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie have announced their split.

Olivia Frazer confessed the break up on Monday in a joint Instagram post with Jack.

Olivia wrote:

“After a wonderful 10 months together we have decided to go our separate ways. There has always been a lot of love in our relationship and there will continue to be as we transition into a friendship.

We have nothing but love and respect for one another, and no one is to blame for the end of this relationship. Simply a case of ‘almost perfect’.

We hope you all can please show compassion as we navigate this privately.


Liv & Jack xx”

In the statement Olivia and Jackson claimed “no one is to blame for the end of this relationship.” But anyone who has been following the MAFS drama knows Olivia and Jackson are seriously sugar coating things.

We all saw how Olivia behaved on 'Married at First Sight', but recently the on-again off-again pair have really been providing the drama. Jackson was caught kissing a young woman on the dance floor in an infamous video. Which prompted Olivia and Jackson to take to instagram for an excruciatingly awkward video addressing the cheating.

Olivia then booked herself a solo ticket to the UK and spent 5 weeks in London, Scotland and Stratford-upon-Avon, whilst Jackson remained in Aussie to train for a boxing match. 

Olivia stated in an Instagram earlier in the year that Jackson was “thinking about coming for a little while for my birthday,” But the couple remained on separate continents for Olivia’s birthday. 

Instead of visiting Olivia, Jackson organised a life-size cardboard cutout of himself with the message ‘Happy birthday hot stuff’  to send to her in the UK.  Jack’s romantic gesture reads like a cop-out.

The couple have just  recently reunited. A week ago Olivia posted a black and white photo to her Insta of her and Jackson embracing in airport arrivals. 

But as we all know, Instagram isn’t reality. Judging from this week's break-up news, I’d bet that drive home from the airport was awkward AF.