pete davidson  and kmart

Pete Davidson spotted in first outing since break up, and where he went is relatable AF

Pete is all of us

Days after his break up with Kim Kardashian became public knowledge Pete Davidson has been spotted in an Australian Target. The stand up comedian was spotted at the Target in Cairns Central Mall, wearing baggy black track pants, a hoodie,  baseball cap and an N95 mask. 

Honestly, I can relate. 

Who hasn’t thrown on a giant hoodie and aimlessly wandered the aisles of Target or Kmart after a break up? I don’t know what they pump through the air-conditioning in those stores, but there's something about a Kmart or Target that puts you in a retail-therapy trance. It’s healing stuff. 

And it’s not the first time he’s visited the Aussie retail-chain. Pete was spotted by a tiktoker at Target last month.

The end of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's nine month relationship was announced midday on Saturday, with some sources claiming Kim broke things off due to the 28 year old Pete’s 'immaturity and young age'.

In the days leading up to the break up there had been speculation that Pete’s Aussie schedule for his upcoming film ‘Wizards!’ had left his relationship with Kim on shaky ground. 

Pete Davidison has been in Australia for over a month filming ‘Wizards!’ - a stoner movie about two beach-side bar operators who find stolen loot.

Kim made an effort to visit him in Aussie this July, and seemed happy in the pics she posted to her Instagram. But speculation continued to circulate that their relationship was fizzling out.

Pete has been laying low whilst in Aussie and hasn't been spotted much around the Northern Queensland city of Cairns.

A week before the break up became official paparazzi snapped him wearing a shirt that says "What ... I feel like shit”.  With the uncanny timing, fans can’t help but speculate that the shirt may be a message to the paparazzi or a tongue in cheek way of making a statement on the break-up. 

The beige tee, which looks deliberately grubby and coffee stained, features a six legged insect with a human head, a grungy ‘X’ on the left of the shirt and the phrase ‘what……...I feel like shit’ across the chest of the shirt.

Break up vibes Pete. Break up vibes.