Kim Kardashian texted Pete Davidson 'cos she was 'DTF' and wanted to investigate his 'BDE'

Kim Kardashian texted Pete Davidson 'cos she was 'DTF' and wanted to investigate his 'BDE'

An absolute mood, and we are here for it.

In this week's edition of 'geddit, girl', Kim Kardashian revealed that she tracked down Pete Davidson's number and texted him because she was 'DTF' (that means down to f*ck, sorry mum). 

On the latest episode of 'The Kardashians', Kim finally spilt the tea on "how it went down with Pete", who she's now been dating for about eight months. 

After she hosted Saturday Night Live - where she had an onscreen kiss with Pete that she said "was a vibe" - Kim was disappointed when Pete didn't show at her afterparty. 

"Everyone was at my afterparty," she said. "He didn't give me the time of day." 

Sidebar, is this the most relatable thing Kim has literally ever said? 

How many of us know the feeling of hovering by the bar, pretending to have conversations while scanning the room hoping (insert crush/Tinder match/brother's friend's cousin) will show up? 

Honestly, we feel seen. Nice to know this happens to Kim too. 

Anyway, Kim refused to be ignored, and a few days later hit up the producers at SNL for Pete's number and sent him a message. 

"I wasn’t even thinking like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to be in a relationship with him'," she said. 

Absolutely fair. The woman has four kids, is studying law, has a massive career and just got divorced. LET HER LIVE! 

Of course, the legend of Pete's BDE (that's Big Dick Energy, sorry again mum), began with a since-deleted tweet written by his then-fiancee, Ariana Grande. 

Replying to a fan who asked 'how long is Pete?' - referring to a track named after him on her album Sweetener, Ariana replied: "Like 10 inches?...oh f*ck…I mean…like a lil over a minute." 

And thus, BDE was born. 

Kim's deeply horny confession then took a romantic turn when she revealed that Pete was "literally the best human being she's ever met". 

She added that while the comedian was famous for being hilarious, that was only "like fourth on my list of why I like him". 

“He’s really really thoughtful and humble and just so genuine. I would say the perfect word to describe Pete is genuine,” she said.

That's so freaking adorable, we have decided we won't hold it against Kim that she refused to confirm or deny whether Pete's BDE translated in the bedroom.