'Too Hot To Handle's' Harry Jowsey reckons he can play Thor's brother and we're not convinced

'Too Hot To Handle's' Harry Jowsey reckons he can play Thor's brother and we're not convinced

That is a BOLD goal!

Harry Jowsey has been a regular Reality TV contestant who has caused a sensational amount of drama, particularly on the hit Netflix show ‘Too Hot To Handle’, but now, he wants a change and his sights are set high - We’re talking Marvel universe high!

Yep, Harry is setting a goal to make it into the Marvel Universe in the next 5 years and the character in mind is a pretty bold one.

In a recent interview with NewsHub Harry revealed: “I've been working a lot of acting and learning to break into that world,” he said.

“My goal in the next five years is to have some sort of spot in a Marvel movie, whether that's Thor's younger brother or something along those lines."

Look, Harry… honey, we love you but that is a very bold goal, which we can't help but think is specifically reserved for the Hemsworth brothers and strictly the Hemsworth brothers.

Maybe their cousin though?!

All jokes aside it is nice to see that the reality star wants to step away from the drama and focus more on a career in the entertainment biz.

"My goal is to continue to make people laugh and to entertain… I had some friends who have battled with mental health and it made me want to make my friends and people laugh more."

If you didn’t already know Harry is a Kiwi who before fame used to call Aotearoa home, before moving to Aus and now the big smoke L.A. 

So he is very overdue a visit home and he says that his next visit may not be so far away.

On returning to NZ, Harry said: "I really want to. I think I'm going to come back in December or January. I really want to do RNV. I want to come back for that and I want to travel around.

He added: "I have a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in such a long time. Both my sisters have had kids, so I want to go see them."

While RNV sounds like a bloody good time and we’d love to see ya experience the ‘I love you bro’ hill for the first time - It wouldn’t be great for the ‘Thor’ physique.

I mean, it could be a New Year’s resolution right? No one ever breaks those…