The fate of Shortland Street has been decided and people are not going to be happy
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The future of Shorty Street has been decided and fans are gonna be PRESSED


Shorty Street has been a pillar of NZ television for over 30 years, but lately, its future has been hanging in the balance - now we know what's to come of the iconic soap. 

TVNZ and South Pacific Pictures have announced that from 2025, Shortland Street will be screening three times a week instead of five as cost-cutting measures come into place. 

TVNZ Chief Executive Jodi O’Donnell said their goal was “to build a sustainable model for the long term” that has a “digital-first strategy in mind.”

While many fans will be gutted to lose two nights a week of hospital drama, it's far from the worst-case scenario -  it was widely speculated the show would be axed as a part of major changes at TVNZ that saw shows like FairGo and Sunday getting the chop. 

Shorty Street is one of the most popular shows on TVNZ+, having been streamed over 20 million times, proving it’s still a hit with many Kiwis. It debuted in 1992 and helped launch the careers of many actors including KJ Apa, Temuera Morrison and Karl Urban. 

The many wild storylines have continued to keep us on the edge of our seats, including - and perhaps most notably - the tale of the 'Ferndale Strangler’, which captivated and terrified audiences back in 2008.

It’s a shame that we will see less Chris Warner on our screens but a massive relief we get to keep Shorty in these difficult times.