Kim Kardashian is getting mocked for staring at herself during PDA sesh with Pete Davidson

scandal 31/05/2022

Kim Kardashian has been roasted online for seemingly being unable to take her eyes off herself while kissing her boo Pete Davidson.

The pair have been dating for eight months but only just started sharing their PDA sessions on Insta - which is the only place that it counts, of course. 

In one clip, Kim beams ear to ear as she leans in for a kiss with Pete, a second shows the couple playfully sticking their tongues out, and in a third, Pete laughs as he snuggled into Kim's neck.

What did all those vids have in common? Kim was checking her fine self out the entire time. 

One user wrote: “Why is she making such intense eye contact with us?? Girl focus on your man”.

Another added, “It’s her making [heart-eyes emoji] at her own reflection and forgetting he is there too”.

 “Lol she never looks away from the camera,” a third commented.

Many also questioned if Kim would be flaunting her PDA on social media if it weren't for her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who have been blasted online for their constant PDA.

“I can’t help but wonder if she would be doing this if Kravis didn’t exist…” Claimed one commenter.

Another insisted, “I don't need any more PDA from this family rn”.

“Awkward. Trying to komPETE with Kourtney,” a third claimed.

You have to think the family dynamic has gotten a bit weird when you're challenging your sister to see who can be the horniest couple on social media...but did we expect any less?