Insta Drama Investigation: NZ-Born Veruca Salt Claims Anna Paul's Dad Is Homeless - Is It True?
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Insta Drama Investigation: NZ-Born Veruca Salt Claims Anna Paul's Dad Is Homeless - Is It True?

“I turn into the villain because I don’t want to keep secrets of liars and manipulators."

A messy scandal is going down in the world of Aussie influencers after Kiwi-born TikToker Veruca Salt outed Anna Paul for allegedly neglecting her dad, Hanns. Now Anna's dad has spoken out on the WHOLE  "toxic" situation.

In case you missed everything that went down last night, Veruca posted multiple clips to her account - that have since been deleted - accusing an unnamed influencer of ‘disgusting’ behaviour. Fans immediately suspected she was talking about OF creator and TikToker Anna Paul.

Veruca claims to have messaged the influencer with concerns about the dad’s welfare, only to be left without a response.

“I found out something about someone and it’s so f***ed up, I literally don’t know how this girl sleeps at night,” Veruca said. “If people knew this about her, her whole career would be over.”

In a follow-up video, Veruca explained she was made aware of the situation when her friend revealed they were going on a date with the dad of the unnamed influencer.

“This woman is a sweet little old lady, so she’s not making sh** up, okay,” Veruca claimed.

Veruca's friend then allegedly reported back, claiming the man "smelled bad" and lived in his van, adding that he "can't really shower and doesn't have money for food".

Given that this man is supposedly the father of a well-known and wealthy influencer, this didn't seem to add up, prompting Veruca to share her feelings online.

“What eats me alive is the fact that this girl sits on the internet and says ‘I’m a gift giver, I love giving back, I love my family’,” Veruca said.

“This man delivers DoorDash so that he can afford a gym membership so he can afford to shower or he showers at the showers at the beach.”

Veruca went on to suggest the mystery influencer only 'uses' her dad for content, saying a mutual friend claimed: "The way his kids treat him is disgusting."

Veruca's videos sent social media users wild, with many picking up clues that pointed to Anna Paul being the subject. 

Eventually Veruca confirmed this, sharing a screenshot of her concerned message to Anna from over the weekend.

SOURCE: via @verucasalt444 on Instagram

Veruca then seemed to turn on her own social media following, claiming they didn't support her after persuading her to spill the tea.

“I turn into the villain because I don’t want to keep secrets of liars and manipulators,” she said before making her Instagram private.

SOURCE: via @verucasalt444 on Instagram

Meanwhile, multiple TikTok videos of Anna paying for her dad's basic needs have resurfaced amid all the speculation.

One video involves a shopping trip to give her dad a ‘makeover’, buying him a whole new wardrobe, cologne, socks and hair dye. 

"That's the car we had because that's all we can afford because we had no money."

While she may not have commented on Veruca's allegations, Anna has not been shy in sharing her family's financial struggles. She told 10Studio about once living in an old van with 'milk crates' for seats and living off just $30 a week as a family of four.

The 2021 video is now flooded with concerned fans in the comment section, with one writing: “These vids hit diff now under a certain light.”

The latest update in the ongoing saga has seen Anna's dad respond to the claims, "setting the record straight" on his own Instagram stories.

SOURCE: @hannspaul on Instagram

"I have been living MY dream and my daughter has been nothing but supportive," he said. "I have been travelling the world in the last few years and I am lacking nothing."

Anna is still yet to comment on the situation, but in the meantime is seemingly enjoying her family vacay WITH her dad.