This broke uni student went on 16 dates in a row just for the food and we're inspired

trending 13/04/2022

A woman has taken to TikTok to explain when she was a uni student, she went on 16 dates in a row just for the food, and honestly, we're considering doing the same. 

In a TikTok to Patsy Cline's 1961 song 'Crazy', she wrote that in college, when she ran out of money for food, she' went on a dating app and lined up dinner dates with different guys for 16 days, just for the food. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures - we're sure you'd rather enjoy meeting potential new matches over dinner than eat 2-minute noodles every night right?

In the caption of her video, she explained "To clarify all these men asked me out on dates."

While some people condemned her decisions, the video was mostly met with praise and admiration in the comments for such a 'genius' idea. 

One user said "People do this even if they have money to feed themselves. So honestly… not that crazy lol." with another writing "She was a businesswoman doing business." 

"I did this for about 6 months in my mid-20s. Make sure I would reach in my purse to make it seem like I’m going to pull out my wallet."

*writes down notes on how to perfect the art of scoring a free dinner*

If you see us going on 5 dates next week, no you didn't.