TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth shared her love for NZ with us weeks before her death

TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth shared her love for NZ with us weeks before her death

"New Zealand is my Roman Empire".

TikTokker Kyle Marisa Roth, famous for her iconic catchphrase, “you want more? I’ll give you more”, shared her obsession with "all things New Zealand" with us just weeks before her untimely death.

She was a viral sensation on the platform, best known for sharing ‘blind item’ celebrity gossip with a touch of her own hot takes.

Recently, fans noticed Kyle had stopped posting videos, and grew concerned about what had happened to her. Sadly, Kyle’s mum Jacquie took to LinkedIn last night (April 15th) to confirm her death at 36 years old.

“My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform,” she continued, referencing her daughter’s following on TikTok. 

“Kyle loved and lived fiercely. Nothing makes sense now and we’ll understand more in the next few days. Be kind to one another please.”

Kyle’s cause of death has not been made public.

Our very own Sharyn Casey took to her Insta story earlier today to remember Kyle.

SOURCE: @sharyncasey on Instagram

Just last month, the Edge Afternoons had an awesome chat with Kyle for her first-ever international radio interview.

“I love New Zealand, this is my Roman Empire,” Kyle told Sharyn and Steph. “You have no idea how obsessed I am with everything New Zealand and all things Kiwi.”

“This is the first foreign country radio I’ve been on and you guys happen to be my favourite foreign country,” Kyle added.

If you want to hear the full chat with Kyle Marisa Roth you can listen here:

After asking whether she’s clued up on the celeb goss here, Kyle mentioned her favourite comedian Rhys Darby.

“Isn’t Rhysie Darby from New Zealand?” she said in reference to his Instagram handle.

“He’s an incredible celebrity, he has only kind blind items. He’s actually one of my favourite comedians.”

Her excitement and love for New Zealand was incredibly special for us to hear.

Rest in peace Kyle, thank you for keeping us entertained and up to date on all the wildest gossip. You were truly one of the best in the game.