What does a day in 'Love Island' look like? All the pool, bed and booze rules in the villa

What does a day in 'Love Island' look like? All the pool, bed and booze rules in the villa

Find out what it's like to live in the villa!

Have you ever wondered what an average day on Love Island looks like? We see the Islanders on our screens every day, but how much do we actually know about their daily routine?

Keep reading to find out the inside scoop of when the islanders wake up, how long it takes them to get ready, and how often the villa is cleaned, which may surprise you!

What does a day in 'Love Island' look like? All the pool, bed and booze rules in the villa
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What does a day in 'Love Island' look like? All the pool, bed and booze rules in the villa
What does a day in 'Love Island' look like? All the pool, bed and booze rules in the villa


The Islanders are usually woken up at around 9am.

According to ex-islander Kady McDermott, they don't get long to sleep in.

"The days were really long, and the producers never let us sleep in past 9.30am because that wasn't entertaining." 

According to The Sun, ITV shared that there are some instances “depending on what transpired the night before," where they will let the islanders have a big snooze.

For example, if there was a dumping the night before, the Islanders would be allowed more time to sleep.

Can I pull you for a chat?!

During breakfast, the Islanders are often encouraged to head outside for “chats” about any dramas occurring in the villa. 

That is why we usually see the gals up on the terrace and the boys down in the kitchen as they prepare for their days of chatting and, well, just lounging about.

If you thought you’d be jumping straight into that perfect pool, maybe think again!

Going in the pool isn’t part of their daily routine… most days. You won’t spot the Islanders in the pool often because they aren’t allowed.

Going in the pool means taking your mic off, and when you’re making a reality TV show, that’s a huuuuge no-no.

When the heck do they eat?

Every morning, the Islanders prepare their own breakfasts, which consist of simple foods such as fruits, cereal, and toast made in the kitchen.

The Islanders are served dinner and lunch. On the grounds of the villa, chefs prepare food for the Islanders, and the entire production staff, which often consists of salads and barbecued meats. 

Sounds like an ideal summer feast!

We don’t see the Islanders eating these meals as many of the staff and crew are hanging around at this time so, no, the cameras aren’t rolling.

After lunch, one of the Islanders may shout the iconic "I've got a text," which sets the tone for their afternoons. The afternoon can lead to anything from a date to a challenge for the entire villa to participate in.

Big night in - but not a boozy one!

Amy Hart, an ex-Islander from season 5, previously shared on TikTok that the females normally spent “roughly two hours getting dressed” for an evening in the villa. 


Just like any good relationship, the boys must wait until the girls are ready before being able to leave the villa to go outside.

Orrr join in the fun like Davide! 

If you thought you’d be partying it up all night, every night, in the villa, think again!

The Islanders are subject to tight alcohol restrictions, with a daily limit of two alcoholic beverages. 

They then go about their business, conversing and discussing the day's events and dramas, before maybe a recoupling or dumping.

Time for bed 

The Islanders gather at the Beach Hut to share their thoughts on the evening's events before winding down and going to bed.

They must sleep in their assigned bed, which has been decided by their couple. If the islanders do not wish to sleep in their assigned spot, they can only sleep with someone else if they sleep on the day beds outside.

Amy also revealed the Islanders could be kept up until the early hours of the morning.

"A normal night is literally just chats in the garden, maybe a little game or something and then a long night is recouplings, dumpings, anything like 'big' sort of sitting around the fire pit kind of vibes.

"Those can go on till 4 or 5 in the morning sometimes. But we didn't know it was 4 or 5 in the morning because we didn't have the time." 

Do the Islanders clean up?

The villa is cleaned once a week!

Cleaning is not something the Islanders on Love Island do daily. They don't have to do any cleaning themselves, as the villa is cleaned once a week. A cleaner will come in, and perform things like wash the sheets, general cleaning, and do their clothes.

If my place was only cleaned once a week, I’m telling you right now, the other 6 days would not be suitable for TV!