Love Island's Amy Hart spilled rules for contestants and BTS secrets in a wild TikTok Q+A

scandal 08/06/2022

The first episode of Love Island 2022 officially dropped for Kiwi audiences today - RIP our free time - and we're all set for another season of hotties coupling up, breaking down and cracking on. 

To celebrate the new season, one of the show's former contestants Amy Hart took to TikTok to spill a whole lot of behind-the-scenes tea about the rules for inside the house and some of the weird filming conditions. 

There are super strict limits on alcohol, no way to tell the time, and soooo many free clothes.

Check out Amy's answers to the most-asked questions from Love Island fans: 

Do they restrict the amount of alcohol you can drink? 
"Yes, it's one drink if it's a normal night and two drinks if it's a long night. A lot of us just didn't end up drinking in the end, because what's the point if you're only having one glass? 

"Some nights you'd think 'oh I just want to get drunk!', if it's been a stressful day or whatever, but when there were massive rows I'd always think 'now imagine that with a skinful of alcohol,' so I didn't actually mind." 

What's classed as a normal night vs a long night?
"A normal night is literally just chats in the garden, maybe a little game or something and then a long night is recouplings, dumpings, anything like 'big' sort of sitting around the fire pit kind of vibes.

"Those can go on till 4 or 5 in the morning sometimes. But we didn't know it was 4 or 5 in the morning because we didn't have the time." 

If some of you don't drink, can others take yours? 
"No, and they tell you on the first day that if you do get caught giving your drink to anyone, then everyone gets banned from drinking for like five days."

Do you have any concept of time in there?
"No, but I didn't feel like you needed it - you got told when you were having lunch, told when you were having dinner. And you had nowhere else to go so you didn't need to know what the time is." 

Was the time not on your phones? 
"No, I think they were like jail-broken phones, so all they had on them was your picture as the background, and then you could just take photos and send each other messages."

Where do you get your clothes to wear on the show from?
"For our year, we were sponsored by I Saw It First, so we all got a £1000 gift card to use online, but it was 50% off so it was really £2000 each.

"Then you can bring in two suitcases, bring in other clothes from other brands, and then every week we were sent in a little duffle bag with some more clothes in it."

This year, as we already knowLove Island has dropped their fast-fashion sponsor in an eco-friendly step to see them dress their contestants in preloved clothing.