'They need to stop doing these': The new Billie Eilish wax figure is traumatising people

"It's lazily staring into my soul"

In the latest edition of things the internet is tearing apart, we have the new Billie Eilish wax figure that was unveiled at the Hollywood Wax Museum yesterday. 

Immediately, and I mean immediately, the internet did not like it and wanted it gone.

“They can re-veil it,” said one Twitter user.

People were pretty alarmed (everybody, everybody was alarmed) when the figure popped up on their timeline, screaming, crying, and running from it.

Others are pretty much implying that the thing has traumatised them, and we don’t blame you, sweetie.

People have also clowned on the fact that it does not look like the ‘Bad Guy’ singer at all, with one award-worthy tweet naming the figure ‘Barely Eilish’.

Now, fans are calling for the whole wax figure industry to just stop and spare us the trauma.

Especially since this isn't the first Billie Eilish wax figure that was a botched mess.