Kylie and Kris Jenner went to the supermarket 'for fun' and people have thoughts

Kylie and Kris Jenner went to the supermarket 'for fun' and people have thoughts

They literally said going through the car wash was "like Disneyland".

Just when you thought the Kardashians couldn't get any LESS relatable. 

Kylie and Kris Jenner are causing a stir online with their ridiculous reactions to performing basic everyday tasks like going to the supermarket and getting petrol. 

The mother-daughter duo decided to run some errands 'for fun' in the latest episode of the Kardashians, and it's really something to behold. 

The whole thing began with a pregnant Kylie asking her mum if they could do "normal things" together. 

"I have not been to a grocery store in two years," Kris admitted. 

"I haven't been to a grocery store in forever," Kylie replied. "I want to go to the grocery stores and pick my own things!"

Once in-store, the pair were truly delighted by things the rest of us wouldn't bat an eyelid at because we'd be too busy shaking our heads at the price of cheese. 

"Oh my God, there's tater tots that are sweet potato?" Kris asked. 

"I just need the experience of checking out. I waited for this for years," she added. 

Then it came time to pay, which seemed to legitimately be an entirely new experience for Kris, who lost her mind about inserting the card into the machine. 

"We're approved!" Kris celebrated when the transaction went through, which is particularly annoying considering she's worth approx $190 million and Kylie is an actual billionaire. 

When asked if she wanted any help taking the items out to the car, Kris, humble queen that she is, replied:  "No, we want to push the cart ourselves." 

"Go, Kylie, go!" she screeched as Kylie returned the shopping cart. 

"Good job, Kylie, you're doing amazing sweetie! Wow, look at her go. I knew you would shine." 

Honestly? We have no words. 

Don't even get us started on the absolute scenes that unfolded when they tried to put petrol in their car (they left it running) and when they went to the carwash ("This is like Disneyland!") 

At least Kendall Jenner will be breathing a sigh of relief now that the title of 'least in touch with reality' has been passed on following her cucumber-cutting incident