'I've been unwell': Bridgerton star shares mental health update from hospital

'I've been unwell': Bridgerton star shares mental health update from hospital

Ruby Barker said she wanted to be honest and let fans know she's been struggling.

Ruby Barker, who plays Marina Thompson on Bridgerton, shared a vulnerable video on Instagram where she revealed she has been having mental health issues, and has been in hospital for them.

In the video, Ruby bravely shares a message from hospital, explaining that she has been "really unwell for a really long time", but is now doing better. 

“I just wanted to be honest and let everyone know I’ve been struggling”, the 25-year-old actress said.

"I’m in hospital at the minute, about to get discharged soon and hopefully get to continue with my life."

“I can’t carry on the way that I’ve been carrying on. I need to change, so that’s what I’m trying to do,” she added, pausing to gather herself. 

Throughout the Instagram video, Barker gives some powerful advice and words of reassurance to her fans and anyone watching,

“You hear these buzzwords, catchphrases, and the world can be such a confusing place, and you’re trying to do you with all these existential threats… it is mad out here, mad!”

"Sometimes you've got to take a break sometimes and say, I can't do this right now, I need support," she added. 

When stars are in successful Netflix shows like Bridgerton, it’s easy to assume that they are well off and just cruising through life, which is why videos like these are so important.

They show that everyone struggles at times and mental health issues are a reality of life that shouldn't be shied away from. 

Barker finishes the video by saying to her fans: "You are absolutely MASSIVE and I love you very much, thank you for staying with me." 

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, you can visit the page below to find some resources that can help.