MAFS' Dom hits back at 'delusional' fans claiming she threw an 'I hate Olivia' party

Those 'we do not serve Olivias' posters are a bit suss, tbf.

Married at First Sight Australia's Domenica Calarco has responded to fans who accused her of throwing a 'hate party' against the show's villain, Oliva Frazer. 

The extravagant event, which celebrated the final episode of MAFS, was documented extensively across social media.  Fellow MAFS contestants were in attendance, where they watched the two-part reunion episode in a marquee tent. 

Dom even had t-shirts emblazoned with her own quote - "My body, my choice b*tch!" - and commissioned a local artist to paint a topless mural of her, in a not-so-subtle nod to Olivia's sharing of a nude photo of Dom. 

Dom was pictured posing by signs that read: "we do not serve Olivias", leading fans to dub the event as an 'I hate Olivia' party.

Social media users shared their disapproval on Instagram, with one user commenting: "It's bad enough Olivia has to deal with the backlash from the show but to have a poster of this sort shows the immaturity on your end."

Another wrote : "Taking it too far. You don't fix bullying with bullying. Wrong message being sent."

Dom hit back at those accusations, posting to Facebook: “If people think this was a hate party for anyone, you’re delusional." 

“I was having an end-of-MAFS party with all of my family and friends.”

She went on: "After so much has happened this whole scenario still triggers me and makes me upset which you can clearly see."

Meanwhile, Olivia announced she lost her job due to her actions on the show, and earlier this week had to call the police as MAFS fans harassed her from outside her home.

Just when we thought we'd seen the end of the drama...