WAAAH: Ubers just got more expensive for New Zealanders and here's why
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WAAAH: Ubers just got more expensive for New Zealanders and here's why

who's keen on a carpool?

Thanks to another unwelcome law change, Ubers are more expensive now. 

The “app tax” kicked off on April 1st (worst April Fools joke ever) and it means online marketplaces that sell listed services, such as ride-sharing, have to pay GST tax to IRD. 

Although the writing of the law doesn’t technically affect pricing, an Uber spokesperson told 1News that Kiwi customers will have to pay more. 

“Due to changes in New Zealand's GST laws, fares on all rides taken with the Uber platform will see a modest increase from today," they said. 

“Decisions to increase rider fares are never taken lightly, but in this instance, we've had to prioritise the experience of our drivers while ensuring Uber can continue to provide the level of quality and reliability Kiwis have come to expect from us."

Labour introduced the tax back in March of 2023 and National campaigned on cancelling it before going back on that promise after they were elected. Luxon told Breakfast this morning that pressure from ACT and NZ First forced them to keep it. 

“It's one of those things through our coalition negotiations that we conceded on,” he said. “What we are really focused on though is delivering income tax relief for low- and middle-income New Zealanders."

Welp, not much we can do about that. I guess being a good passenger has never been more important since you definitely don’t want to be booted out the door with these prices. 

If you want to find out where you’ve gone wrong in an Uber, last year a TikToker found out how to see the 1-star reviews you’ve received from drivers. If you dare, all you have to do is check out the app’s Privacy Centre. 

Sorry to break this news to ya but here’s to carpooling, designated drivers, public transport and hot girl walks!