'This is gonna be nuts': Joaquin Phoenix joined by Lady Gaga in trailer for new Joker movie
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'This is gonna be nuts': Joaquin Phoenix joined by Lady Gaga in trailer for new Joker movie

Just give them the Oscars now.

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix absolutely eat in the new trailer for ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’, the musical sequel to the 2019 film. 

Phoenix is returning as Arthur Fleck, the failed-standup-comedian-turned-titular-villain, while Gaga will be playing Dr Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn. The two meet in Arkham Asylum and fall in love, singing songs on the way. 

Some hardcore fans have been hesitant about the musical aspect of the film, but the chemistry between the two leads along with the dark cinematography seems to be overriding most of that.

“Imma be honest,” wrote one commenter. “I wasn't sure what to think when we found out it would be a musical, but wow, this looks amazing."

“The clear way the show the border between reality and madness through music is beautiful, and that last shot is pure cinema gold. Very excited for this movie."

Lots of people are losing it over the trailer's final frame. 

“That last shot with the lipstick ohhhh man,” said another. “That gave me GOOSEBUMPS.”

“Joker: A Star is Born,” a third joked. 

Variety reports that the movie will have 15 musical numbers, most of which will be covers. Director Todd Phillips told The Hollywood Reporter the ‘musical’ label was not something they decided on, but it’s just the continuation of an aspect that’s present in the original movie. 

“We never talked about it like that,” he said. “I like to say it’s a movie where music is an essential element.”

“To me, that doesn’t veer too far from the first film. Arthur has music in him. He has a grace to him.”

The film premieres in cinemas on October 4th so get your red lippy and smudgy eyeliner READY.