MAFS AU: Stephen Stewart reveals what he really said in the 'flirty' texts with his hairdresser
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MAFS AU: Stephen Stewart reveals what he really said in the 'flirty' texts with his hairdresser

"I showed Micahel..."

It turns out that the MAFS explosion over Stephen Stewart's 'cheating' scandal might have been exaggerated.

ICYMI - Michael Felix blew up at his on-screen hubby after catching him 'flirting' with his hairdresser at a publicity shoot for the show.

Stephen expressed he felt more of a spark with the hairdresser 'in 30 seconds,' leaving Michael - who he’s spent three whole weeks with - livid over their lack of physical chemistry.

The two then brought up their spat during the first night of the couples retreat where Michael again went off at Sara Mesa for trying to justify Stephen's actions.

But was Stephen really out of line, or was it all just blown WAY out of proportion?

In a clip posted by @mafsgossip on TikTok, Stephen explains that his texts with the hairdresser were "definitely not flirty".

"While I was getting my hair done, we had some banter and it did get a little bit flirty, but in the same token, I was sitting in a room full of people," Stephen said. "There was nothing sinister; it was just friendly banter that got a little bit carried away."

“The texting itself was nothing sinister at all.”

"The texting itself was nothing sinister at all."

He added: "I was actually sitting next to Michael in the car on the ride home and showed him that [the hairdresser] had added me on Instagram. He actually asked Michael if he wanted a haircut booked with him."

"So, the extent of our conversation was thanking him while Michael was actually watching and booking a haircut for Michael the following Saturday," Stephen concluded.

Regardless, it seems the conversation was still a sore point for Michael, and he clearly seemed to need to vent those feelings about the flirting, ahem, banter during the appointment.

What do we think? Is it all just one big blow-up that will blow over, or might this be the end of Stephen and Michael’s spark?