Kiwi Oliver Mills spills on Taylor Swift giving him her ICONIC '22' hat at Eras Tour Melbourne
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NZ Tiktoker Oliver Mills talks us through the moment Taylor Swift Gave him her hat at Eras Tour

He was the chosen one out of nearly 100,000 Swifties that night!

Taylor Swift kicked off her first two Aussie ‘Eras Tour’ shows in Melbourne over the weekend. A huge part of the excitement for fans is when singing her hit ‘22’ Taylor meets a dedicated Swiftie at the end of her nearly 90-metre stage to hand over the signed hat STRAIGHT OFF HER OWN HEAD!

On Melbourne night two, Kiwi TikToker Oliver Mills was the chosen Swiftie. “Single greatest moment of my life,” he wrote alongside a clip of the iconic moment.

Our very own Sharyn and Steph from The Edge Afternoons just so happened to be staying in the same hotel as Oliver, and of course, they had to ask how the heck it all played out for the TikToker.

Confirming Taylor’s team hand-picked him out of the crowd, Oliver said Taylor instructed her team to go find him in the crowd of 96,000 fans. A task harder than a ‘Where’s Wally?’ puzzle, but they bloody did it!

But what Oli wanted to keep a secret, was how far in advance he knew he’d be going up to receive a piece of Taylor’s wardrobe.

“Look, we need to keep some things a secret for the lore,” he said. 

Spilling on what happened after he was left with the hat, Olly explained he “threw up and then cried.” As you would!

He then revealed his management, who was in attendance alongside him, took the hat because he wasn’t trusted to not give it to another Swiftie at the show.

“Who would know what to do with the most valuable piece of anything you’ll ever receive?" he asked.

Since returning home to New Zealand, Oliver has posted loads of clips with the famous hat.

He’s been freaking out over the fact he is now “engrained in the history of ‘Eras Tour’ forever”.

Not to mention, he can’t get over the fact Taylor Swift said she had seen his TikTok videos.

Righto, I’m off to watch Oli’s moment with Taylor from every angle possible. As for our gals Sharyn and Steph, who else can say they’ve stayed in the same hotel as Taylor Swift’s hat?! We’re so jealous rn.