I nearly binned my Shark Flexstyle cos my curls wouldn't hold - here's why I'm so glad I didn't
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I nearly binned my Shark Flexstyle cos my curls wouldn't hold - here's why I'm so glad I didn't

I cracked the code and I'm not gonna gatekeep x

It's almost as well-known as the Dyson Airwrap these days, and many say it's even better, despite its cheaper price point. 

The Shark Flexstyle dominated Hairtok last year, and now it's available for Kiwis. It doesn't carry the Dyson's $1000 price tag, but with an RRP of $599, it's still no small investment.

Me and my hard-to-tame Leo mane had been dying to try one out since it first launched, so when Shark NZ offered a Flexstyle to review, you can imagine the scream I scrumpt. 

There were over 12,500 people on the waitlist for the multitool before it arrived in Aotearoa late last year, so we know there was hype, but is it deserved? 

One of the main things that sets the Shark apart from the Dyson (other than the price tag) is its 'twist to transform' feature, which helps you switch between hair dryer and styler. This is seriously genius, especially if you have a lot of hair like me and need to hit it from all angles. 

The hair dryer itself is super fast and powerful for how lightweight and sleek it is, and the styling concentrator attachment is perfect for control. Huge tick there. 


Then there are two brush attachments. The paddle brush has a combination of boar and nylon bristles which are great for detangling as it dries. This one is what you're gonna reach for if you're looking for a smooth, sleek look. 

It works a treat, but worth noting it'll be no match for a traditional straightener if you really want super straight locks, or if you have very curly hair. If you want super straight locks while drying simultaneously, something like the GHD Duet Style might be a better bet. 

The oval brush attachment is a real gem - if you're looking for volume, this is the one. Once you've rough-dried the hair, you can use it the same way your hairdresser does a blow wave with a brush and hairdryer (which I can never do myself). It's almost perfect - but I do find it's a bit big. Shark has since released a smaller round brush attachment sold separately overseas, and I'm praying they bring it here because I would def be adding to cart. 

I hate to say it, but I never wear my natural curls because it's so hard to get them dry without frizz (air drying takes DAYS) and they always lack definition. Shark's diffuser attachment was a game-changer in this department. It's so well designed and was super speedy.  

Curls using the Shark Flexstyle diffuser

Now to the main event - the auto-wrap curlers. There's no doubt the technology behind these things is incredibly clever and the instant results are awesome. The only problem was, my curls would drop in about half an hour and it made me VERY SAD. 

So I set about studying. I read all the instructions, I watched a bunch of YouTube and TikTok tutorials and I finally cracked it. 

Curls using the Shark Flexstyle auto-wrap curlers

How I get my curls to stay with the Shark Flexstyle

  • After towel-drying my hair, it's all about the product. A smoothing leave-in conditioner, a GENEROUS amount of mousse and a decent heat protector. 
  • The key to achieving curl staying power with the Flexstyle (for me) has been sussing the right level of dampness before using the auto-wrap curlers. I use the hair dryer with the styling concentrator to rough dry, starting at the top of my head and pointing down. I also flip my hair side to side and upside down to get that volume started. 
  • Once my hair is about 70% dry, I switch to the oval brush to straighten and smooth the roots and mid lengths of my hair, pulling upwards to get my roots to lift. 
  • Now my roots and mid-lengths are dry, leaving my ends a tiny bit damp (about 10%). I moisten them (sorry to use that word) with a spray bottle if they start to dry out. 
  • Here's the part where most tutorials begin. You just need to section your hair and let the auto-wrap curler do its thing, but hold it  longer than you think you need to. The Flexstyle is all about monitoring the temperature to avoid heat damage, so you don't need to stress. 
  • Don't skip the cool shot, which locks the style in place. Lots of tutorials will say to turn the Flexstyle off between each section, but I find the final twisting motion when you drop the curl off the barrel helps shape it even more. 
  • Don't touch those curls until the very last minute - they need to cool. When you do, make sure you only separate them gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. 
  • Weirdly, I found hairspray made my curls drop and go crunchy, so I skip that. 

If you're thinking this all sounds like way too much work, you could be right. If you're not the type to put a lot of time and effort into your hair - this might not be the tool for you. 

But if you're like me and list 'doing your hair' as both one of your hobbies and your main form of cardio, the possibilities with this puppy are endless and exciting. 

I'm so glad I persisted with using the auto-wrap curlers - they create big bouncy curls I literally cannot get any other way outside of an expensive salon visit. I've probably never had more compliments on my hair than when I've put the time in with the Shark Flexstyle. 

Do the mahi, get the treats and all that.