Taylor Swift fans say 'Eras Tour' Melbourne cured their ADHD And Anxiety - can that be true?
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Taylor Swift fans say 'Eras Tour' Melbourne cured their ADHD And Anxiety - can that be true?

“I knew I was going to like it, but I did not know that it would literally change my body chemistry.”

Swifties are seriously claiming that watching Taylor Swift perform her ‘Eras Tour’ shows is changing their brain chemistry.

After attending the Melbourne night two show, Maddy Weeks left with a whole new perspective on life.

“I knew I was going to like it,” she said on Insta. “But I did not know that it would literally change my body chemistry.”

Waking up the morning after the concert, Maddy was shook at the change she noticed within herself.

“I went into the Taylor Swift concert [with] ADHD and anxiety… It’s gone! It’s like she plucked it out of my head," Maddy claims.

Maddy reckons she has never focused so hard in her entire life than what she did at the nearly four-hour-long ‘Eras Tour’ show.

“Something changed within me. I am a different person.”

“Our attention and focus tend to be on enjoying an event and not necessarily on the details. It’s more about having a great experience, which is what matters," he said.

Maddy isn’t the only one who feels their body chemistry changed for the better after witnessing T-Swift live.

“Can confirm. I was there as well. It’s like a very efficient and effective therapy session 🤣,” one Swiftie wrote in the comments.

Another agreed: “I've got autism and ADHD and her music can stop me from having a meltdown so effectively I think she's actually put some sort of sedative in her music cuz I just feel so at peace.”

“Being at the Eras Tour has altered my brain chemistry.,” said a third on X (formerly Twitter).

While a fourth added: “I’m so excited to see what she does next to alter my brain chemistry.”

I know, I know, I can hear the 'psssssh whatevers' coming from some of you already. But before you rubbish these claims as just another freaky part of the Swiftie cult, check this out:

Neurologist Dr. Joey Gee confirmed to HuffPost that it's a totally normal response for Swifties to focus on the positive vibes that come from heading to 'Eras Tour' specifically.

According to a study: “Music impacts brain function and human behaviour, including by reducing stress, pain and symptoms of depression as well as improving cognitive and motor skills.”

Psychology Today looked into how Swift's music themes make fans feel like they're "understood" and "create a sense of belonging".

According to a whopping  25 psychologists, "Swift’s lyrics validate emotional experiences. They seem to teach people a lot about labelling and expressing their own feelings".

This is a massive benefit because research shows that poor mental health can stem from a lack of discussing emotions.

But, while fans are riding the high of the 'Eras Tour' hype, Dr. Jessi Gold told HuffPost that Swifties should also look out for the "crash" they might experience in the days post-concert.

“When the concert is over, your adrenaline does not go away immediately, and that excess can make you feel restless or irritable initially,” she said. "Returning to the real world can cause you to crash and [feel] like you just ran a marathon. You might feel flat or depleted.”

So, is anyone else feeling like their whole body chemistry changed after seeing 'Eras Tour'? How are all you Swifties doing after returning home?